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Morris, Roxann

Morris, Roxann

Middle School and High School Academic Coach

I have dedicated my life to education and I believe that all students can learn and be successful in their choice of career.  I began my career in Wichita, Kansas in an inner city school where busing across town was mandatory for some students to balance racial diversity.  The busing students arrived on our inner school campus bewildered and afraid as they began their one year mandatory school year on our campus far away from their community school.  The inner city school students were hesitant to welcome the outsiders.  I learned then that connecting with young people is key, helping to build a viable community in the midst of unrest means personal inner peace, and understanding circumstances through a student’s eye is critical. 

My motto “students and families are first”.  I was married when I was in high school at age 17 and 40 years later we are still married.  The day of our wedding, we moved from Roswell, NM to Wichita, Kansas and I enrolled myself in the last semester of high school in a predominantly black inner city school.  Ten years later we started a family.  We now have two amazingly talented daughters.  One is an Emergency Doctor and the youngest owns her own business.

While my children were growing I attended school.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Wichita State University in Kansas, Masters of Special Education from the University of New Mexico and doctorate in Educational Leadership from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My goal is to help create a flexible online space for all students to pursue their dreams and careers in an engaging way; motivating them to finish school strong.