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Martinez, Melanie

Martinez, Melanie

Art Instructor

My name is Melanie Martinez and I am the Visual Arts teacher for Tristar Academy and at Santa Rosa High School and Santa Rosa Middle School. I was born, raised, and attended school here in Santa Rosa, NM.  I Graduated from Eastern New Mexico University, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. This year is my 6th year teaching at Santa Rosa High School where I am also the Advisor for both Yearbook and Student Council.  Prior to teaching for SRCS, I worked in the Administration office and Education department for GEO Group Inc., Guadalupe County Correctional Facility for 7 years. 

My love for all things Art comes from my Dad. Growing up, my dad was always creating something in his workshop. Wood carving and painting were two of his favorite things to do, his first favorite was playing the drums. He was an amazing Artist and Musician and always encouraged me when it came to my Art and Art Education. Art class was always the place that I felt the most comfortable and now that I teach Art, I strive to make my classroom a comfortable and safe space for my students. I believe all students should be exposed to the Arts in some way.  Art is very important to me because encourages students to develop skills, think critically, be creative, and develop their imagination.