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Sanchez, James

Sanchez, James

Physical Education Instructor


My name is James Sanchez, and I am the 2021-2022 TriStar Academy Virtual Physical Education Instructor. I currently have 4 years of physical education experience in both the elementary and middle school groups as well as a small experience with the high school groups. I am currently completing the coursework for my alternative licensure program through ENMU and will be submitting my dossier to level up for my level II teaching license next year. I believe that I am best suited for this position because I work well with all age groups, I enjoy the changes and adaptations that have been made since COVID began, and I am always looking for ways that will challenge my skills and knowledge while also allow me to grow as an educator. 

I am also an athletic coach for Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools. I am currently part of the SRHS football programs, our SRHS girls’ basketball programs, and I am also the head baseball coach. I have been the head baseball coach for four years and I believe that the skills that I have learned from coaching our student-athletes will also help guide me while teaching virtually through TriStar Academy because it gives a different perspective on how I am able to view different scenarios. I am very much looking forward to working with the TriStar students and I am looking forward to the challenges of learning new skills that I will be able to add to my teacher tool belt.